Hi I’m Emma

I am a full time family/lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Manchester.  After years of working in Law, I finally took the plunge and gave up the 9-5 job to pursue my dream job, cliche I know, but honestly that’s the truth.  I love photography, taking images, looking at images, and mainly being able to capture magical moments with amazing people and creating memories.

I believe in taking family pictures with real smiles and sparkly eyes but mostly creating images that tell a story.

To me life is not made of white backgrounds and stuffy studios, it’s running around in open fields with the wind rushing through your hair, piggy back rides, jumping on your mum and dads bed; it’s tickling, cuddling, kissing, laughing and most importantly letting your individual personalities shine through.

Alongside photography I also love-

My boys, all 3 of them, my two son’s,  Harry and James and my patient and supportive husband Gary.

Reading – paper type only please. I just can’t get used to a Kindle !

Adventure – I love nothing more than travelling, Italy has to be one of my favourites, so if you need a vacation/holiday photographer, pack me with you !

Food – eating, but not so much the cooking.  This goes hand in hand with travel of which I have now instilled this passion into my children.  They love nothing more than a bowl of moules et frites in France, but place a floret of broccoli on their plates back home in sunny Manchester…now that’s a different story.

Anyway, enough about me.

Much love and no cheesy smiles

Emma x