So what is personal branding photography?

A Personal Branding Photography Shoot is for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use photography to help build their brand and online presence. Photos that truly show off your unique personality and style are so important to creating a brand, getting clients and growing your business

I first met Anita at a mothers day event organised by An Afternoon with T,  where Anita was singing and my god what a voice (check our her Facebook page here).  However what struck me the most was her humour and absolute love for her mum (who also sings with her) and the bond they have.

Although Anita’s passion is her singing, her main love is her husband and two gorgeous children.  Now I didn’t realise but Anita didn’t have her children until she was 40, and yes I know she certainly does’t look 40 (I must ask her what the secret is) and not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is just as lovely on the inside.

Following the mothers day event, we met up for a coffee to have a chat about branding and commercial photography.  We hit it off immediately and I don’t think either of us came up for breath, it was just like having a chat with an old friend.

Anita told me about her passion for her singing but also for her personal progression and she told me how much she wanted to write a blog about her journey of becoming a mum for the first time at 40 and all the trials and tribulations of juggling motherhood and a career.  Please take a look at her blog here which I now follow and can’t wait for each instalment, or you can follow her on instagram @firsttimemumat40

She wanted natural photographs for her branding and to really show the face of the person behind the computer.  We decided to have the shoot done at her home and also at her local haunt which is Worley Marriott and the grounds there.  We had such a good time doing the photographs and chatting over coffee and I think the images really show how relaxed she felt around me even with the camera following her around.

Here are my favourite shots from the day…