I was asked to photograph on behalf on Travelshoot which is an Australian company that specialises in professional family vacation/holiday travel photography.

Family, time is becoming more and more precious, with our children having busier social lives than us parents.  I know myself that sometimes we spend all our time in a whirlwind of juggling our work and dropping of kids off at football, dance class, cooking tea, cleaning that the annual holiday or city break is so important for quality time with our little one’s.

However, although the annual holiday is one of the most important times we spend together as a family, many of us only come home with a few iPhone snaps or images that quite frankly would not be going up on the wall.  Also more often than not, one of us is missing of the pictures, yes the one behind the camera, in my case it’s always me.

This is why having a professional family photo-shoot whilst on vacation is becoming increasingly popular, and why not, we don’t think twice about having a professional photographer for family shoots at home or for birthdays, christening,  so why not when we are really having an amazing time together and in a beautiful location.

Manchester is my home city, somewhere I have worked in since the age of 16 and now as a photographer I still love to go for photo-shoots and of course for it’s amazing restaurants and bars.

I work as a Freelance Photographer for Manchester TravelShoot and absolutely love the idea of connecting my two passions which is photography and travel.  Now although I am the Manchester based photographer, I certainly would never say no to a family photo-shoot in Europe.  The idea of photographing families on holiday and capturing those special memories of your adventure that would last a lifetime would be my absolute dream.

Here are my favourite images from The Clough Family Shoot.